Family and friends,

      I know it has been far too long since the last blog post.  Please accept my humble apologies for not posting since mid-March.  Mariah and I have been keeping busy as usual with the therapies and extracurricular activities.  We have spent the last two Thursdays horseback riding with the therapeutic program offered at nearby Fort Meyer at the Caisson Platoon.  Mariah beamed from atop the white horse “Clyde” last Thursday.  Her grin was actually so wide she could have swallowed Clyde whole had she been hungry enough!  The last week we have had the extreme pleasure of sharing our usual Stephanie Plum novel reading outside in this awesome Spring weather.  Thank God for it, I forget how difficult the winter is on the blues.  It is good timing for spring’s arrival, as I will be heading back to North Carolina in just a few short weeks, and Mariah is anticipating the change-of-care with apprehension and some fear.  Having some sunshine about will hopefully help her pull through the transition.

    The usual continues at the hospital.  Mariah and her physical team are digging at pain management issues to address walking difficulties that concern her knees.  She is going through some more MRI’s and Xrays, and is continuing her Occupational therapy with a current seven-week workbook to help her gain some handwriting abilities.  Recently Mariah and her case manager visited a residential reintegration program in Pennsylvania as a next-step option.  We gave it a thumbs-down due to the isolation that seemed to come with the small number of clients and the location of the program.  Our next step is under way as the Army searches for a battle-buddy for Mariah.  This would be another female soldier rehabilitating here at Walter Reed who can buddy up and assist Mariah; basically a partner system involving assistance, mutuality, and soldier comraderie.  Please send your prayers for this possibility!  

    I would like to give a huge “thank you”  to all our friends and family who continue to pray, to call, to send fan mail and care packages to Mariah, to visit us at the Mologne House, to the old faces who have shown up recently, to the nurses and docs back at McGuire Veterans Hospital who have sent their love and encouragement, and to the beautiful individuals who have shown up to help relieve me in the difficult recent weeks, and very importantly to those people who are stepping forward to companion and help as I take a big step back end of this month.  Thank You!


Love and Light,