A Beautiful Bridesmaid

June 8, 2009

Recently, Mariah was a bridesmaid for her best friend, Suzanna, and her new husband Glen. Her brother Clay and I made the trip to DC to participate, too. Clay played music which you can hear on the first video.  Mariah had a cold the entire time, but she never slowed down. Here’s the evidence.

Here’s a gallery of the event:

The next day Mariah and I made a day trip to Bethany Beach, Delaware, where we often summered when she and brother were kids. The day was cold, windy and wet, and Mariah was still under the weather, but she wanted to see the ocean so off we went.

At the Beach (Bethany Beach, DE, 5/09)

At the Beach (Bethany Beach, DE, 5/09)

The drive seemed longer and the town smaller than I remembered. We took a quick peek at the old haunts, clucking our tongues at all the changes, then grabbed burgers and fries at Five Guys (one of the positive changes). Thus fortified, we plunged back into the blowing, chilly rain and made our way to the beach.

The nasty weather had driven all but the hardiest of souls from town, so we were pretty much by ourselves on the boardwalk at the top of the dune. I held an umbrella and read from All Things Wise and Wonderful while Mariah listened and laughed from under her hood. The charming and touching stories told by an English country veterinarian prevailed against the backdrop of the pounding surf and blowing wind, and we were warmed.

After a few chapters, we marched back into town. We bought some sweets at the Candy Kitchen and found some tasty gelato in a quiet cafe that would be a chaos of vacationers in just a few days. Then we  clambered back into her old Subaru Outback and pointed the bow toward Washington, DC.

– Mark