Memorial Services Update

January 12, 2010

Mariah walking with her mom, Mary-O King, at Fort Myer

Mariah and Mom, Mary-O King, at the Ft. Myer Therapeutic Riding Program (2009)

Saturday, January 16, at 2:30 pm, a Quaker Memorial Meeting for Worship service will be conducted at Bethesda Friends Meeting in Bethesda, Maryland. The service will be in the fashion of Quakers, featuring an hour or more of respectful silence punctuated by brief, spontaneous spoken messages that help us recall and feel connected to Mariah and to one another. A reception on the grounds will follow the meeting for worship. All are welcome, but seating is limited to about 200. Child care will be provided.

The meeting house is on the campus of the Sidwell Friends Lower School located in a residential neighborhood. There is some parking on the grounds, but if you are able-bodied, please park on a street in the surrounding neighborhood so that those less abled may park close by.

The meeting house address is 5100 Edgemoor Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814. You can get directions and a Google map at

Please do not send flowers or gifts. If you wish to make a charitable donation in Mariah’s name, consider contributing to Little Brook Farm. See for instructions on how to do that.

Mariah with her dog, ChaiLast Wednesday, January 6, a Moment of Remembrance for Mariah was observed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC., where Mariah resided and worked on rehab for the last year. Attending were dozens, perhaps hundreds, of her fellow soldiers from the Warrior Transition Brigade, her commanders, doctors, therapists, caregivers and family. A poster-sized photo of Captain Kochavi gazing lovingly at us (left) was on display at the front of the assembly during the ceremony. Mariah’s presence in the hall was so real I half expected her to stride in quietly and take a seat.

The outpouring of condolences is so heartening. Mail, email, comments on this blog, and phone calls expressing sympathy and offering support pour in from around the country. Please continue to hold Mariah’s family in your hearts and prayers.

– Mark


Mariah loved, cared for, and saved many animals. She especially loved horses and horseback riding. As a young girl and a teen, she spent many a pleasant summer day with the wonderful horses and people at Little Brook Farm in Old Chatham, NY.

The farm was founded in 1977 by Lynn Cross to house and care for horses and other animals that were rescued from neglect, abuse, or danger of destruction. In 1986, Lynn established a non-profit program called “Balanced Innovative Teaching Strategies”, or B.I.T.S., a therapeutic riding program for the benefit of children and adults with physical and/or developmental challenges.

Little Brook FarmToday there are over 60 rescued horses at the farm. In addition to Lynn Cross, there are 8 full time volunteers. You can learn more about the farm and B.I.T.S. at the farm’s website at (Lynn apologizes that the site is out of date. She apparently spends more time rescuing and rehabilitating horses and generously helping people in need than keeping her electronic house in order.) And visit to view a recent article in the Albany, NY, Times Union about the farm’s involvement in a program to link needy children with adoptive parents.

If you would like to contribute to a worthy cause in Mariah’s name, we ask that you consider making a tax-deductible donation to B.I.T.S.. There is a page on the website for making online donations, but Lynn says there are problems with that, so please send checks only. Gifts will be used for general operations.

Make your check payable to Balanced Innovative Teaching Strategies, Inc. and mail it to:

Little Brook Farm – B.I.T.S. Program
PO Box 127
548 County Route 13
Old Chatham, NY 12136

Be sure to clearly indicate on your check that it’s in memory of Mariah Kochavi, and please include your name and address so your gift can be acknowledged.

– Mark