Yellow Jello and Other Small Victories

July 7, 2008

Mariah’s brother, Clay (a musician based in Raleigh, NC), has been watching over her since the weekend. His gentle touch and calm, caring demeanor have been balm for me – and Mariah, too, I’m certain – when we talk on the phone several times each day.

According to Clay, today Mariah swallowed (!) some yellow Jello. I reminded her that she was cautioned as a kid to avoid eating yellow things unless they passed the sniff test. Clay merely laughed, but Mariah wiggled her toes.

He also reported that she laughed out loud (!!!) while listening to a book-on-tape. I’ve seen her laugh (her sense of humor is intact), but there was no sound. Clay assured me there was plenty of sound – “a great big old regular Mariah laugh”, as he put it.

Mariah and Clay last Christmas

Clay and Mariah last Christmas

Ah, yes. Now I hear it clearly. What a delicious sound it is. I can’t wait to see her tomorrow afternoon.

– Mark


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