Hitting the (Apple)Sauce

July 11, 2008

Lots of little updates today:

Mariah used her toe wiggles to communicate her military computer PIN number to her commander. It can’t be revealed here or the entire Internet will have to be deleted.

Mariah's Yes/No Toes (7/11/08)

Mariah's Yes/No Toes (7/11/08)

The departure by ambulance for Richmond is scheduled for next Tuesday at 9:00 am. That’s pretty late in the day for the military. They usually do things at “oh dark thirty”. The trip will take over two hours unless they hit the morning rush, in which case we could have a new president by the time we get to Richmond.

The nasty test looking for structural issues with her heart came back negative. That means there’s still no definitive explanation for the stroke. Mystery in spiritual matters can be pleasing; less so in the physical realm.

The speech therapist gave Mariah little spoons of applesauce to see how her swallow is faring. The first went smoothly but the second was less cooperative, and Mariah struggled for a moment. After she recovered, the therapist said, “Well, that was probably enough. Do you want to try one more?” Watching her “no” toe (see above), Mariah instead shot us a resounding “yes” and climbed right back up on that wild horse. The third try worked perfectly. Army strong.

– Mark


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