What Goes Down Must Come Up

July 14, 2008

Okay, so Sunday was a bit of a downer, but Monday made up for it in spades.

First, and most important, Mariah spoke. One little word: “No”. Her nurse and I and Mariah were all so astonished we were speechless for a moment. Then the nurse shouted “Praise the Lord”, I grabbed Mariah and shouted, “My God, you spoke!”, and Mariah laughed hysterically with tears running from her eyes. I remember the excitement everyone felt when Mariah and Clay said their first words as infants. This was 100x better. Maybe more. With the infants, there was a certain oblivious certainty about the event. This time around, we’re keenly aware of what’s at stake and how terribly important each tiny breakthrough is.

Second, Mariah was in a buoyant mood, inspired by loving caregivers, family, friends, and colleagues.


3 Responses to “What Goes Down Must Come Up”

  1. Sadie said

    Whoever thought a “no” could be so positive? What wonderful news! I’m thrilled to hear about her progress. Thank you for putting up this website and all the beautiful photos of Mariah. I’m thinking of her every day and sending all my good thoughts into the cosmos for her.

  2. Janet King Daw said

    Mark, Thank you for your eloquent words. It is hard to be so far away, so all your updates really help us. My father(Charles King) and I were able to visit with Mariah and Mary O when I was in MD on June 29. My children and husband did not go to the hospital with us so they have benefitted from your updates and pictures. I have added Mariah to our prayer list at church and we pray for her daily at our house. We especially remember her today as she moves to Richmond. We will visit her in Richmond on Labor Day weekend, if not before.

    With love, Janet King Daw (Charlie, Ryan and Rachel too)

  3. Wayne Smith said

    My thoughts were with Mariah all day, and I want to welcome her to old Virginia. This message is from your Cousin Wayne, son of little Zula. I live and work in Newport News, about an hour from the V.A. Hospital in Richmond. When the time is right, I’d like to come visit. Hopefully, that time will be soon. Till then, we’ll blog. :>) Love, Cousin Wayne

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