Mariah Meets the Lokomat

July 22, 2008

Today’s Notes:

Started with a visit from the docs on rounds. Mariah was pronounced “medically excellent” – no issues needing attention. That’s a nice way to start one’s day.

Then Mariah and the Lokomat became as one. Under the care of four physical therapists, she strode over 300 meters with the machine providing less than 50% of the support for her body weight and the guidance for her gait. (Click below to see larger images.)

In addition to all the usual exercises and workouts during her various therapy sessions, she held a spoon and fed herself applesauce from a cup, drew on paper with a pencil, and propelled her own wheelchair using walking motion with her feet.

Mariah’s been experiencing some double vision. She can see fine out of each eye, but she has trouble making them work in harmony. A vision therapist has joined her team and is suggesting some approaches for her. The unit medical director visited us in her room in the evening while we were watching a video and asked if she’d like to try wearing an eyepatch during some activities, like watching TV. She agreed and indicated it was an improvement. She laughed when the doc told her another patient had dubbed wearing the patch “pirate therapy”.

I think it’s working because during one of the shadow picture sequences in an Austin Powers flick, she laughed so hard she made several sounds with her voice.

That’s a nice way to end one’s day.

– Mark


6 Responses to “Mariah Meets the Lokomat”

  1. Deb Weiner said

    Margy clued me in to your blog and I am simply blown away in reading these amazing posts. Blown away by your willingness to share this journey with us, by your wonderful and very moving writing — which I know is also therapeutic for you — and by your unstinting love and devotion to your beautiful daughter.

    Thank you, and thank you Mariah, for sharing your reemergence process with us. We love you, we *do* hold you in the light, and we await further news as the road ahead reveals itself.

    With love,

  2. Haynes said

    Hello Mariah-
    What a wonderful website! Just checking in to see how you are doing. I’m sorry I can’t make it down to visit, but looks like things are going well in Richmond. I’ll be thinking about you and wishing you well and a speedy recovery. You’re doing GREAT!! Keep it up. Talk to you soon. Love. ~Haynes

  3. You are doing great CPT K. I think of you everyday and I read this blog everyday. Keep it up! We miss you.
    SSG P-H

  4. Grandma said

    Hi sweetie
    300 meters is more than I can do without sitting to rest my old bones. Everyone at the clinic asks about when I go in. It’s amazing to me how many people are following your progress. I’d love to be there with you, but the blog with pictures is the next best thing. It is the first thing Aunt Judy does when she gets to work – see what’s new with Mariah.
    Love you Grandma

    • Ashley said

      – Wow what a great story. Glad you got to capture spaecil moments for them to look back on. I love all of the b&w images they really show the love of the family!

  5. Aimee said

    Hey Cuz!

    I’m so proud of you, making so much progress already. Each new day, I can’t wait to read about you, and see what is in store for tomorrow. Even though we’re far apart, I think about you every day. I just wanted to let you know, you’re in my thoughts, and my “new” families thoughts as well. My in-laws ask about you all the time, they remember meeting you at the wedding. Hard to believe I haven’t gotten to see you in a whole year! Time for bed now hon. Miss you tons, wish I could be there to give you some hugs. This website sure is a handy dandy second though 🙂 Sweet dreams!

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