Sitting Down On the Job » Mariah Sitting Unaided With JT

Mariah sitting unaided with JT (McGuire VAMC, 5/23/08)

One Response to “Mariah Sitting Unaided With JT”

  1. Zula Smith said

    Each morning we check Mariah’s Blog and thank God for her progress. Mark, you provide us with news that is encouraging and filled with a love needed to aid in her healing process. Your words affect friends, relatives and folks who have never met Mariah but want to extend prayers for her complete recovery. I dream of a new life for Mariah – a life where she will be an inspiration to those who can also make miraculous changes yet lack the bonding and faith needed besides just medical help. Please continue with Mariah’s Blog. We wish we could be of some help. Our prayers shall continue. Mark, we thank you for sharing your gift.
    Zula and Norman

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