Changing of the Guard

July 29, 2008

1:30 pm (reported by Clay)

Mariah woke to me singing her an old circle chant (Dona Nobis Pacem). She had a good P.T. where she set a new record for meters/per 15 minutes: 400+. Also, the Lokomat machine was dropped down to just 30% assistance level for part of her workout. When Stewart asked if her harness was comfortable after tightening it, she mouthed “good” instead of nodding. …always pushing for that next achievement! She also is increasing her motor skills in grasping different shapes in O.T. Shannon said she is improving since last week.

And for the big breakthrough of the day Mariah is eating cookies!!! Marsha said the expression on her face after that cookie should be in Webster’s under “pleasure” Wish I had a picture. I am so glad I was there for the re-initiation of the cookie monster.

Tomorrow they will try her on a soft mechanical diet, which is pretty much regular food chopped up. Moving up, moving on, Mariah’s determination continues to push her recovery at a strong and impressive rate. We are all so proud.


9:30 am (reported by Clay Steinwinter)

Today for a change I am writing from the leisure room at the VA hospital in Richmond. This is day two of my week visit with my sister, Mariah. She has improved sooo much since I saw her a few weeks ago. Yesterday we watched a “Married with Children” marathon (courtesy of Izzy, thank yoouuu!!) for ummmm about four hours and laughed together.

In the evening, volunteers from Halifax came with a plate of fresh canteloupe, homemade poundcake, a sausage biscuit, and a cup of pepsi. Mariah made a huge grin (I mean HUGE) and a sucking face while leaning toward the pepsi. Being my first evening, I wasn’t sure what type of diet she’s on now. Well, long story short, she managed to suck down about a third of the cup before I stopped her and said I needed to check with the nurse. Upon asking her if that wasn’t kosher and “is the nurse gonna bust me?” she grinned and shook her left foot to tell me, “yes. you are busted.”

Danggit, thanks big sis for looking out for me…. haha, some things never change.

Anyway, I am staying the week in the beautiful Fisher House, newly opened on campus for family members of the patients here at the veterans hospital. The facility is gorgeous and should provide me with some much-needed rest and respite from my recently anxiety-filled life down in Raleigh. Please continue your prayers for Mariah, my family, and me. They are helping us greatly and the miraculous improvement I am seeing today is proof to me that God is, and always will be, with us every step of the way

Love and Light,



8:00 am (posted by Dad)

I’m spending the week in Boston catching up on business and will return to Richmond next Monday, August 4. In the meantime, Mariah’s brother, Clay, is on reemergence watch and will offer daily updates in this space.

More soon.

– Mark


2 Responses to “Changing of the Guard”

  1. LTC Atchison said

    I had a wonderful visit with Mariah yesterday and I look forward to seeing her soon. Mariah is doing great and her spirit is so strong (ok stubborn might be a better word). I am sorry that I missed meeting all of ya’ll.
    God bless
    LTC Chessley Atchison

  2. LTC Atchison said

    I had a wonderful visit with Mariah yesterday. She is doing great and I look forward to my next visit.
    God bless
    LTC Chessley Atchison

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