One Step At a Time

July 30, 2008

Mariah’s mood today has been somewhat “somber”. Perhaps partially due to the fact that her P.T. experience this morning began with a run at the “NuWalk” machine. Much like a rowing machine involving both arms and both feet in coordination, she did a good job but it jostled her head around quite a bit with no assisted support. She did not let the dizziness that ensued keep her from her workout. She moved right along to balancing on the mat and stayed patient and determined until she was able to sit on her own and stabilize.

Mariah is on day one of her new diet, “mechanical soft” food. She seems appreciative of the more normal food (as normal as hospital cafeteria food gets, right?) and is one more giant bunny-leap in the direction toward solid food. She combined O.T. with lunch time and worked toward feeding herself with less assistance.

Mariah also worked with the new and improved “Dynavox” machine which allows her to communicate using a variety of approaches. She has her own machine on the way which she will then have for a daily basis. Reports from the team are that her accuracy and functionality improvements since last weekend are definitely apparent, and we are all so pleased.

The only huge grin I saw from Mariah was at my expense, and quite frankly my embarassment. After O.T. Mariah was exhausted and let me know she wanted me to put her back in bed from the chair, and I did so with ease. However, after her Dynavox (Speech Therapy) appointment was over at 1:30 she was again very tired and I hung her up putting her back to bed….on her chair, literally. I failed to unbuckle her seat belt before trying to help her stand up and nearly put her and her wheelchair in bed before figuring it out. Mariah, uninjured, grinned and probably had a good laugh at my expense. I finally got her in bed and for the time being she seems to have revoked my privilege of helping her get into to bed. Haha. Oh well, better I laugh to than give myself a hard time.

I am not good at falling short, but I know there is no place I would rather be than right here with Mariah as she continues to grow, heal, and move toward her new self a step at a time.

– Clay


2 Responses to “One Step At a Time”

  1. Cousin Wayne said

    Mariah, your dynavox machine sounds interesting, but “mechanical food” doesn’t sound like fun. Clay, thanks for your comments and for staying with Mariah. I’m sure she appreciates it, as do your mother and father. Talk with you soon.

    Counsin Wayne

  2. Sarah Miller said

    Capt. K!! I’m sure I could scrounge up some leftovers to sneak down to you so we can substitute that in for your mechanical food, lol. Miss your smiling face and hope to see you soon.

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