Clay Inspires a Breakthrough

July 31, 2008

Dad, wow!!!

A slow low-energy, tired day. Mariah did not sleep too well last night. In P.T. she gave the Lokomat another shot (2nd time this week). She was able to do only about one third the time she did on Tuesday but her accuracy with footwork actually improved since then. I was not privy to much of her other therapies as I needed some rest back at the Fisher house. When I came back at lunch time, Marsha was feeding her solid foods; Mariah ate shredded chicken. She seemed to really enjoy the normal diet. She wolfed down a slice of apple pie for dessert, same thing I ate.

Not wanting to be out and about much today, Bunny [Mariah’s nickname bestowed by brother Clay when a toddler. – Mark] stayed in bed for K.T. and stayed pretty stubborn. She was combatting both a tired physique as well as a low-mood day. She laughed, however, when her kinesiology therapist said he was going to go home and get his mower ready so she could mow his lawn. He said it was a push mower with three wheels. She laughed out loud.

Afterwards, Mariah stayed in bed and let me ask about her feelings. I asked cuz she seemed very sad. She nodded yes and nodded when I offered to talk about how I relate to feelings like throwing the towel in. She admitted she felt like giving up. Sometimes all the encouragement from so many folks can cause us to feel abnormal for wanting to give up once in a while.

Then we listened to Sublime on the CD player. Next, for the moment of all moments…..Mariah sat up, using her elbow to push up, put her arms around me and gave me the most incredible, loving, real, compassionate hug I have ever had in my life. I cried while we held each other, she nodded that she was ok with it. After a few moments I set her back down. She waited 30 seconds and lifted herself up again and gave me another embrace.

Next Mariah sat up and then wanted me to help her stand. This is one of those moments of hesitancy cuz I don’t want to endanger Mariah. However, when Bunny is ready she is ready. Mariah used mostly her own strength with me guiding, and she stood up and held me again for a full-fledged hug. She gave me a kiss on the shoulder and rubbed my back. I have never felt such a thing! We held each other for about half a minute or so before she nudged me to let me know she wanted to lay down.

I don’t really have any way of conveying the feelings, the emotions, or the most powerful and loving embrace I can remember feeling for a looong time.

Love you, dad.


[Thank you, Clay. Your loving presence in our lives is invaluable. I love you, too. – Dad]


3 Responses to “Clay Inspires a Breakthrough”

  1. Elizabeth said

    This situation is so hard for everyone involved, but I can’t help thinking how beautiful so many moments have been. Watching the way your family has come together to aggressively love Mariah has been inspiring for me. Thank you for this blog, for sharing these moments. It is impossible to read your entry without being touched & wanting the same embrace! Please give Mariah my love.

  2. RyanO said

    I just arrived back in the States and was forwarded your blog just the other day. How amazing Mariah and you (her family) are. I have been so touched by many of your entries and I think about Mariah many times a day. She is truly an amazing person and although I am not a very religious person I have come to believe that God only challenges those of us that are truly strong and Mariah is one of those amazingly strong people. Please pass my thoughts on to Mariah.
    Ryan O

  3. Hope said

    I check your blog frequently as Mariah is always in my thoughts. Always informative, yet profoundly moving, today I read through Clay’s entry from August 1 and just wept. Your family has created a beautiful example of a living, breathing fortress around Mariah. I watched the videos and Mariah is still the same strong, beautiful woman I recall. Stay with it, Mariah…in addition to your own inner resolve, you have the power of immense positive energy flowing from those around you. Please pass along my thoughts and love to Mariah.

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