Chocolate Therapy

August 2, 2008


It was a joy spending my last day of the week with both Mariah and our mom, who came in last evening to spend the weekend with Mariah.

Mariah has been pretty down the past two days. She let me know through my questioning that she is dealing with some of the difficult feelings and heavy moods that come with the devasting struggle she is working through. I am happy to say that other than keeping to her room and kicking me out a few times yesterday, she engaged in her rehab sessions to the best of her ability and is picking up a bit here on Saturday.

At the moment, she is visiting with dear friends Frank and Jane Greeves. She lit up like a lightbulb when we popped two Kron chocolate truffles in her mouth. Frank and Jane are the big hit of the weekend with their chocolate surprise. She had the biggest smile of satisfaction on her face that I have ever seen in my life….no lie. Her mood has picked up a little today and her recovery continues forward…

Thanks to everyone for their continued prayers and support.

Love and Light,


One Response to “Chocolate Therapy”

  1. Leah said

    It’s hard to read about Mariah struggling since I know how strong she is. This is obviously a monumental task ahead of her and I am sure she will tackle it with the determination, grace, and dedication I know she has but by the same token it is likely the hardest thing she’s ever done and hopefully the hardest thing she will ever do. I wish I could provide more support but she is in my thoughts daily and I cannot wait to see her and tell her this myself.

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