The Whoopee Challenge

August 5, 2008

Therapy is an interesting experience. When you master something, it’s time to do something harder. Take sitting, for example. Mariah’s able to sit upright without support for minutes at a time. So rather than simply sit upright for even more minutes, thus wasting precious time, her PT coach challenged her to sit upright on an unstable, tilting surface – a solid disk attached to a compressible rubber hemisphere. Uneasy about the prospects, I accused the therapist of trying to get Mariah to perch on a whoopee cushion. Laughing, Mariah mouthed the appropriate sound effects.

The whoopee perch was indeed a huge challenge, and Mariah focused like a laser on the task. Of course, she succeeded, gave her coach a satisfied smile, and settled back against her coach for a moment of rest. (Click to enlarge.)

By the way, the shirt says “Coca Cola” in Hebrew, both of which Mariah likes.

That reminds me, she ate four large meals, and tried to chomp a nurse’s watch when her wrist got too close to the eating machine mid-chew. The nurse playfully pulled back complaining, and Mariah laughed out loud but suddenly lunged forward and licked at the crystal with a maniacal look in her eye. Maybe nearly two months of an all-liquid diet does funny things to a person. Or maybe it’s the drinking water in the hospital.

🙂 – Mark


2 Responses to “The Whoopee Challenge”

  1. Cousin Wayne said

    Mariah’s progress, as noted in the blog, is amazing. We’re with you, Mariah. Thanks for keeping us informed.

    Love Ya,
    Cousin Wayne

  2. Jackie Balma said

    Mariah, Cameron and I read about your progress everyday. Your recovery is an inspiration to us and you are in our thoughts and prayers always. We hope to see you soon with the boys, Gunnar and Maverick-but I promise, we won’t let them throw up on you:) Take care, Jackie

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