The Kid On The New Block

September 15, 2008

Mariah is adjusting to her new quarters at Walter Reed. She eats every chance she gets.

Saturday she walked with assistance around the ward. On Sunday, she ate a lot and had an MRI that shows no unexpected damage beyond what she suffered in the original stroke. Today she had a rigorous sit-stand-walk workout in the PT gym, followed by dozens of tricky and fun questions from her speech therapist conducting an assessment. Did I mention she’s a great eater?

Unfortunately, an expected visit to the beauty shop was vetoed by the doctors who don’t want her leaving the ward yet, leading to disappointment. But a quick regroup by the nurses resulted in a new plan to get her a shower on the ward and a mini-makeover in her room. Depending on the results, we may yet get a photo op.

She’s trying to be a good sport, and the nurses, therapists, and her family are making a mighty effort to thwart boredom. But she’s used to a marching band and now there’s only the buzz of a kazoo, albeit an enthusiastic one. We’re all hoping the doctors’ predictions of a rapid stabilization and return to Richmond are correct.

Blessings on all who continue to love and support Captain K., especially the terrific staff at Walter Reed.

– Mark


One Response to “The Kid On The New Block”

  1. Grandma said

    Kazoo is good. You can march to it.
    Loved talking to you the other day.
    You and I have to keep that old gym date whether we feel like it or not. There are many days it would be so easy to say “Not today, maybe tomorrow” but I know that if I don’t push myself, there wouldn’t be a tomorrow.
    Keep the faith and good work, sweetie.
    I love you

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