A Great Day in … Richmond! » Captain Interstate

Captain Interstate (McGuire VAMC, 9/24/08)

One Response to “Captain Interstate”

  1. trish brglez said

    Hi Mariah,
    So good to see you if only via the ether. You look beautiful. You will have good days and bad days as we all do. Tears will flow inexplicably but they are healthy tears and will lead to more and more smiles and laughs. Soon, I will put you on the back of the tandem with Boris at Ft. Sam and you will ZOOM! It will be before you know it. Boris and I get our house on base 17 October and you are WELCOME to visit anytime, BAMC is soooooo close! The house is one story with lots of room and bathrooms. If medical clears you for a few days of visiting, come on. Your dad is welcome to come and I will take you to the Intrepid center so your beauty and determination can inspire other wounded warriors. God has great plans for you so do not fear for your future. It will be fulfilling and you have lots of animals to help! This is a major blip on your road of life but it too will pass. I love you. Trish

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