Mariah Needs Our Help

October 3, 2008

Folks, I’ve been in Boston this week, which is why there haven’t been posts on this blog. I’m returning to Richmond on Monday and will get the journal engine cranking again soon.

Some have been asking for Mariah’s mailing address. It is:

Richmond VA Medical Center
Attention: Mariah Kochavi (2B)
1201 Broad Rock Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23249

It’s hard to know exactly what Mariah’s most pressing internal need is, but I’m guessing that she could really use hope. So if you pray, meditate, or are inclined to commune with a spiritual presence in our lives, please ask that Mariah find her way to a place where she can allow herself to hope.

Blessings on you and Mariah.

– Mark


4 Responses to “Mariah Needs Our Help”

  1. Grandma said

    My prayers, hopes and pleas are for you and Clay as much as for Mariah. You are one family —-
    and you’re mine. Love you

  2. Cousin Wayne said

    Thank you for renewing the blog messages. My thoughts and prayers are with Mariah and you.

    Cousin Wayne

  3. Jamie Umber said

    Dearest Mariah,
    You have been in my thoughts and heart all summer. I have so much I want to convey to you but do not know the words to express it. Please look for a letter from Minnesota in the mail soon. In the meantime, know that I am sending you love and positive energy and mental hugs across the distance everyday!

  4. Elizabeth said

    I have missed your posts and eagerly awaited news about Mariah’s journey. I know that I am one of many fervently praying for her continued physical and emotional recovery. If there is a time when your family needs anything more than prayers and hope, please know that this is a forum where you can reach out to us. We are still here for Mariah and for all of you.
    Love, Elizabeth

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