Clay’s Weekend With Mariah

October 27, 2008

Well, this was my first weekend hanging out with Mariah and passing the empty Saturday and Sunday hours together.

Mariah and I both had a fairly peaceful week.  I don’t join Mariah for her therapy sessions, so I can’t really pass on any updates other than that she is showing up, suiting up, and working hard.  Mostly I join her for meal times and sit occasionally in her room while I do my studying.  The week has been met with little resistance, regular work during therapy hours, and lots of time spent sound asleep, as her brain continues to mend and reprogram itself in the subconscious state.

We shared some funny movies over the weekend, such as the old classic “Caddyshack” [Dad’s note; 1980 is “old”?], and laughter has been a part of Mariah’s regular daily diet.  She’s doing great work as she practices taking walking steps. She’ll be working on swallowing thin liquids during the week, which is the last stubborn obstacle between her and fully-regained eating and drinking capabilities.

Mariah’s speech has become increasingly clear and concise, and her mobility in general has a mark of grace that was not present just a few short weeks ago. [Dad’s note: During the prior last two weeks, Mariah would transfer between the bed and wheelchair by lightly resting her fingers palm down on mine and using that gentle contact as support while she arose from a sitting position and stood erect for a few moments.]

Please do keep the prayers coming, and along with those, please think of (or visit) Mariah over the holiday seasons.  We love cards, fuzzy socks for the winter, whole live turkeys in the mail (haha!), and so on… , and if anyone wants to send some pirate paraphanelia for Halloween, Mariah and I both need some essentials so we can be a pirates on Friday!  A soft, loose eye patch and a plastic hook would be great…  Oh yeah, and if someone sends that live turkey we can put it on her shoulder on Friday and then eat it next holiday!  (ewww….)

Mariah’s mailing address at the hospital is:

Richmond VA Medical Center
Attention: Mariah Kochavi (2B)
1201 Broad Rock Blvd.
Richmond, VA 23249

I’ll be back in touch soon.

– Clay Steinwinter


3 Responses to “Clay’s Weekend With Mariah”

  1. Jenni said

    Hey Lovebug! Sounds like you are making some progress…glad to hear you will be dressing up for Halloween. I had an awesome costume planned, but everyone in Ithaca is lame, and I don’t think anyone will appreciate it except for Dr. Stern, and she’s too far away 😦 I’m going as Dwight K. Schrute…from “The Office”. I have Schrute Bucks, a bobble head, and a stuffed cat…at least Leah laughed…everyone here is too busy hugging trees to watch TV!! OK, back to study Biometry…blah! I miss you and I love you! 🙂 Jenni

  2. Cousin Wayne said

    Good Evening Cousin,

    Glad to read from your blog. It sounds like you’re working hard and improving. That’s good news. Please keep the faith.


  3. MAJ Patricia Riley said

    COL Mark Wolken and I are the Assignments Officers for the Veterinary Corps. We would like to drop by and visit Mariah, maybe in the second week of November, but I have no idea who to contact to make those arrangements. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you!!

    MAJ Riley

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