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November 17, 2008

Here are some highlights from Mariah’s week in Richmond.

Fuzzy Sox (McGuire VAMC, 11/10/08)

Fuzzy Sox (McGuire VAMC, 11/10/08)

Monday started with a gift of beautiful blue fuzzy sox from her step sister, Molly. As you can see, she was delighted with the sox which matched her Cherry Garcia t-shirt.

The results from her neuro-psych (memory and reasoning) tests came back. Her worst results were “high average”; the best were off the charts. In memory, she scored in the 98th percentile of people her age who have NOT had a brain injury. One example: the doctor told her a brief story. Twenty minutes later, he asked her to tell him about the story which she proceeded to recite word for word. The doctor laughed and said he’s never had that happen.

Later in the day she gave a talk about owls using a PowerPoint presentation she and her brother Clay prepared. Her rendition of owl hoots was … well, a hoot. She spoke with great authority and without notes, and she handled the Q&A like a pro.

Tuesday was Veterans Day and a holiday at the hospital, so we spent the morning at Brown’s Island park on the James River in Richmond, and the afternoon in the funky Carytown district. We ate great Thai food, and Mariah got ginger ice cream at Bev’s and a manicure and pedicure at Fusion. With fingers and toes sporting OPI Italian Love Affair, she’s been the envy of the ladies.

Thursday evening Colonel Atcheson took us to dinner at Buzz and Ned’s, a premier barbecue joint in Richmond, with perhaps the best pulled pork barbecue sandwich on the entire east coast. (That should start a lengthy debate.)

On Friday Mariah, Monique (speech), Irene (recreation) and I headed back into the city for sushi and more ice cream.

Late in the week the team decided to postpone Mariah’s discharge until December 10 to give her time to further develop some hygiene and mobility skills she’ll need to live outside the hospital.


5 Responses to “New Post”

  1. Jenni said

    DECEMBER 10th….OHMYGOODNESS!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!! And Italian Love Affair….you’re making me proud, M! I’m currently wearing “Lourve Me, Lourve Me Not”…got all gussied up and went speed dating last night…Hoping to snag a real “Italian Love Affair” – don’t worry, I’ll find one for you too! In the meantime, at least our toes will dazzle! Now, as for those speed dates…uuum, yeah, I’m sure you can imagine how that went! I have a million funny stories to tell you! You won’t believe how ridiculous people are. Hugs and love! I miss you to pieces! 🙂 Jenni

  2. Leah said

    As always, thanks for the update. It looks like great progress. Stay strong and patient M. I can’t wait to see you…hopefully next year, which is just around the corner. I went to Job Lots and got you a fab treat, now to get to the USPS…


  3. lisa c said

    mariah and mariah’s dad – this is lisa cohan, a former schoolmate from sidwell. i had the pleasure of running in to katie heller recently and she told me of your blog. i have been an avid reader for weeks – i apologize for not commenting earlier. your strength is absolutely inspiring – i admire you both immensely. i will continue to read in awe of your determination and hard work! with love and many hugs, lisa cohan
    (i slept over at your house during a snowstorm once, when we were about 8. i didn’t have my blankie with me and i was devastated. you loaned me a stuffed animal, i think.)

  4. Moon Mericle said

    I hope Capt K will get a lot better soon… I knew her from Maryland and she was the nicest one there.. She always made me feel welcome… Thank you for putting these updates up…. I miss her very much…

  5. Elizabeth said

    I am a firm believer in ice cream therapy and am thrilled to see that it is part of your recovery plan!
    It’s great that you will be heading closer to home on December 10. I am scheduled to take a PT test that day…if I can muster even half of your strength and stamina, it will get me through.
    I am so proud of you & hope I am able to find a way to come visit you in the months ahead.


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