Kicking the Workout Up a Notch

January 10, 2009

    Greetings blog-fans.  This has been an active week in Mariah’s re-emergence process.  Whereas therapy-packed days previously led Mariah back to her bed to spend hours sleeping or otherwise staying off of her feet and off her butt, she has hit the gym off-campus every day this week in the evening after a full day of physical, occupational, and speech therapy’s.  Her workout includes a minimum of thirty minutes cycling followed by weight-resistance training and therapy-related exercise.  Not to mention she has attended several other appointments as well, such as dental work, opthomolgy exams, and doctor visits.  Actually Mariah’s attendance to appointments is apparently singularly unique, I found out yesterday morning.  After a late Thursday night, I dragged myself out of bed at 7 am to feed Mariah and myself this week’s breakfast usual of oatmeal and fresh fruit, and then off to our first appearance at morning formation with the rest of Mariah’s Able Troop to which she was recently assigned while here at Walter Reed.  A stern Major addressed the Able Troop and apparently reiterated the importance of each soldier’s attendance to his or her appointments because, and I quote, “Once again, the Able Troop is leading in no-shows”  This of course registered in my own delinquent mind as hmmm…next time you miss formation and the sergeant calls you, just gently turn his attention back to the rest of the troops who are probably playing Nintendo Wii in their rooms instead of going to physical therapy…(ahh it feels good to be on the right side of the mean average!)

The most exciting piece of news from this week is that Mariah is now putting in afternoon hours at the AFIP (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology) about two hundred yards up from the Mologne House on campus.  This is pretty much a dream job for Mariah, and after her first two afternoons doing gross pathology work she has come out beaming and totally psyched for the next visit.  I can’t give a detailed account because I haven’t asked her a lot of questions about it, but she is thrilled and seems very much newly inspired.  It shows, both in her smile, and in her dedication.   She is really putting in that “one extra” in her sessions, and rather than wait for me to come up with activities in free time, she is tossing out suggestions.  This morning she reminded me, “Hey let’s go to that Pompeii exhibit at the National Gallery of Art”  (I was of course surfing the net, at the time).   So we went to the museums today, took in the Italian masterpieces and perused the exhibits at the Native American museum and finished off the day back at Mologne watching, “Thank You for Smoking” on our movie screen.  We are doing great and hope that YOU are as well.

Love and Light, 
Clay and “Bunny”


5 Responses to “Kicking the Workout Up a Notch”

  1. Leah said

    Thanks for the update Clay. I’m not sure Mariah knows how to be on the wrong side of the curve, her drive to excel is likely one of the more frustrating aspects of her re-emergence when her body doesn’t co-operate, but it is who she is.

  2. Grandma said

    Holy cow — your routine puts me yo shame. And I thought I was doing well. Glad Mariah is back at work. Keeps her off the streets and out of mischief. Love to both of you.

  3. Cousin Wayne said

    Hi Mariah and Clay,

    I’m very glad to hear that the year is starting out well. Tomorrow, have a happy USA inaugural day.

    Please take care,

  4. Aimee said

    Mariah and Clay,

    Happy New Year! Sounds like you both are well on the way to a great one. Miss you two, wish I could hug you both again. You’ll have to hug each other for me, LOL! I’d tell you to come visit sunny FL, but it’s not too warm or sunny right now. Crazy weather!

    I am so proud of you, Mariah. You have come so far, in such a short time. I still can’t believe it! Look at you, so much progress. Keep it up; I know, and I believe, that you can. No pressure 😉 You’re such a strong woman, and you just get stronger every day. I wish I had a 10th of the strength and courage you posses.

    God bless you Clay, for being there for your sis. I’m proud of you too. (And jealous of all the great movies you two have seen!)

    Well, I’m with Grandma, your routine puts me to shame too. Keep kicking butt! Night night!

  5. Jennifer Brennan said

    Dear Mariah,

    One of your former Greenbelt Bootcampers (when you substituted for Dana after her biking accident). You’ll remember who I am by me telling you I was the 7 month pregnant one. Anyway, I have been following your journey, and I remember you used to bring your dog to bootcamp to wait in the car. It was great to see you in your bed with her! You are awesome and you are doing great. You are certainly putting me to shame with workouts. You can and are doing this. gosh, what an inspiration you are, our bodies are truly amazing and the power of the human spirit is astounding.

    Take care Mariah and best wishes to you and your family who keep the blog posted.

    Jennifer Brennan

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