Touching You Right Back

January 30, 2009

Clay, your post was heart-wrenching and beautiful. Thank you for your courage to be honest and open.

I witnessed and shared your deepening pain in the days just before the planned audition. If my comments about the importance of the event made it even harder for you, I’m sorry.

Fear and discouragement were my constant companions in Peru, DC, and Richmond, and it was often really, really hard to find, hold, and share hope in the face of it.  Thank you for giving so much to your sister. Holding another’s life force in your hands even for a moment is an awesome responsibility.

The good news is that growth and positive changes keep happening through this ordeal. For me, our relationship is the strongest and most authentic it’s ever been. And we, along with Mariah, are learning more about life, love, and the power of the divine spirit within ourselves than many folks even imagine in a lifetime.

I love you, Clay. Blessings on you, Son.

– Dad


One Response to “Touching You Right Back”

  1. Eileen Haddigan said

    Thank you for keeping everyone up to date on Mariah’s journey. She is truly amazing! You are all in our prayers. We sent a card to Mariah twice and it has come back to us. The most recent one sent to: Captain Mariah Kochavi, Abrams Hall, Box 4098, 6900 Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC 20307 came back also. What is Mariah’s current address?

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